Midlands Model Railways

20141 awaits its crew prior to its departure to the colliery yard to collect a fully loaded coal train bound for Manchester or maybe Liverpool.

An item of railway rarity, the rail mounted Land Rover, a fantastic bit of kit from Oxford diecast, could do with motorising though.

Nostalgic shot of the colliery J94 as the pug lurks in the background. The figure in the foreground is actually a 3D print of myself!

Diesel double trouble. Class 20 and 25 both idle in the yard whilst their trains are shunted together.

The colliery pug waits to be coaled inbetween dutties. Bet the crew have bunked of for a cuppa!

The colliery J94, 68068, takes a break from shunting dutties on Cronton Colliery Sheds.