1960s Model Railways

Railway yard/sheds.

Chatting to the driver as the 0-6-0 waits at the station.

Merchant navy 35030 Elder Dempster lines sits in the station while west country class 34037 clovely waits to depart

Ivatt 2 41224 on a coal train with j94 68068 in the yard waiting for its next duty

Sometimes you just have to take time to relax

Loco 2213 passes by, here you can see the Driver and Fireman having a conversation

2213 passes by with freight train

Platform view.

So pretty, just such a pain to run.

My best runner

The station!

A bit of village life

The market

Great Heck Colliery

Most of the layout

A different view of the goods yard.

A view up the hill.

No where near as good as the other layouts on this website, but this is mine. Great Heck set somewhere in Yorkshire.

First snap of my layout!

A lazy Sunday afternoon running session. 4mt 80032 heads down the branch after dropping off its wagons at the distillery thanks the the help of the ne...

Double steam day on distillery yard. The peckett awaits a good weathering.

14xx 1432 with a goods train

PRIVATE PROPERTY! Trespassing won’t be tolerated on my micro, Distillery Yard.

One of my favourite pictures of this layout so far, 20141 shuttles the railway directors up and down the line in their private saloon coach.

An unusual and un-prototypical scene at the distillery as a Crosley and Evans 4WD sentinel arrives.

4mt standard tank ,80032, arrives with a managers saloon on inspection dutties.

D5269 with a diesel brake tender rounds round its train in a shunt manoeuvre.

20141 awaits its crew prior to its departure to the colliery yard to collect a fully loaded coal train bound for Manchester or maybe Liverpool.

An item of railway rarity, the rail mounted Land Rover, a fantastic bit of kit from Oxford diecast, could do with motorising though.

Nostalgic shot of the colliery J94 as the pug lurks in the background. The figure in the foreground is actually a 3D print of myself!

Diesel double trouble. Class 20 and 25 both idle in the yard whilst their trains are shunted together.

The colliery pug waits to be coaled inbetween dutties. Bet the crew have bunked of for a cuppa!

The colliery J94, 68068, takes a break from shunting dutties on Cronton Colliery Sheds.

Started work on laying the track. Simple cork base.

Wiring has started! Keeping me busy this Christmas!

Baseboard woodwork finished! Next up, doing the wiring 😭

Fixed the top board, which will display the layout name. Started painting the wood too.

Baseboard construction underway! I opted for a nice, high curved backboard.