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Scenic work

Mangley own

Mangley Town

An eagle eye view of Mangley Town

A slice of Mangley Town

08021 on its way into field view yard for shunting duties

47540 leaving the yard at field view

Shark sat in the shed waiting for repairs

Class 31 light engine in the yard at field view

*Finally* got my garage tidied up so I have room to start work on my layout again!

Construction view of the whole layout.

Sidings with retaining wall with back to back houses. D.Lake and Sons Engineering

Bridge to off scene section. Retaining wall and back to back houses

And because I suddenly found myself with a spare Bachmann 64XX chassis, I wondered if I could get it to fit in this old Hornby open cab pannier... bit...

5417, a Gloucester Horton Road regular - from a Bachmann 64XX - now sporting the correct 5'2" wheels courtesy of an Oxford Rail Dean Goods chassis. To...

One of my. 3 diesel locos The heljan class 07

This is little Barford Our star engine at Barford Estate Colliery

My 4 serviceable diesels

Railway yard/sheds.

Been quiet on the modelling front as I've just moved, and had some drawings to finish as well. However, I did manage to finish this one over the weeke...

Heapton Colliery Wagon Works is officially wired up. Stay tuned for more updates. For now; here is 2 Peckett W4 'ferrets' running around the yard. N...

For me getting the concrete Appearance correct was important. Here's what I achieved for my hard standing area at Loco Lane TMD! I'm well pleased. Cre...

Class 56103 'Stora' on Shed alongside Class 47 787 'Windsor Castle' at Loco Land TMD

Class 47 787 Windsor Castle On Shed at Loco Lane TMD

Loco Line Up on Loco Lane TMD

A Favourite Class 37/0 in EWS still needs to Be Renumbered to 37040 A Job soon to be done!

47s and 37 on Shed At Loco Lane TMD

Line Up on my New Exhibition Layout Loco Lane TMD

Good ol’ 47714 pulls out the MHR yard with a medium Freight train

Chatting to the driver as the 0-6-0 waits at the station.

Platform finished and harbour side ballasted

Heapton Colliery Wagon Works II Summer 2019 After Oliver's A-levels

Merchant navy 35030 Elder Dempster lines sits in the station while west country class 34037 clovely waits to depart

Ivatt 2 41224 on a coal train with j94 68068 in the yard waiting for its next duty

The viaduct canal scene

2213 passes Abbledean Valley Yard with a small goods train

Newly arrived from Hattons is the latest addition to the N gauge project- 156418! Here it is stood on two pieces of track which also arrived in the pa...

Headboard and ex-GW train reporting number 725 which I believe is correct for the 08:00 Cheltenham - Padd in 1960

Conversion of Hornby Castle class loco to a local legend of 85B. What else could be rostered for my Cheltenham Spa Express model? 5017, formally St...

Wagons in the yard

Sometimes you just have to take time to relax

Loco 2213 passes by, here you can see the Driver and Fireman having a conversation

2213 passes by with freight train

First part all dry and painted. Thrilled with how its turned out, will blend the fresh side tomorrow once its dried. Again for the tutorial look up Ma...

Cheadle Hill is a slowly developing OO gauge model railway based in a garage in Stockport.

33103 in BR Civil Engineers’ Dutch livery prepares to haul its first ever train on what should eventually become a well-detailed Sectorisation branch...

the planning phase of the layout @brokton_parkway instagram

Direct Rail Services’ 68002 ‘Intrepid’ awaits departure time in Lofton UDGL with an extra Mossend to Daventry working.

37261 standing at Kennington on a driver training run for the new 37 relief services

Welcome to Eastleigh Halt (fictional)

Filled in the bare scenic area by the cliff face with some fallen rocks and under growth. Will give it a pass with the static grass at a later date

First part of the water effects I'm trialling. This method is used by Marklin of Sweden (look him up on youtube). This employs the use of toilet paper...

Oxford Rail N7 with a 30ft pipe wagon and the Bachmann Class 57 pass each other on the door bridge. A great example of why I prefer an operational rai...

The Iron Mink Buffer stop near frog pond junction.

Frog pond junction with the MOD siding on the left and the Iron Mink buffer stop siding on the right

The Cauldron wagon at frog pond junction on the Knight Valley Operational Railway

Hello and welcome to the Knight Valley Operational Railway. As you can see this is a simple and overfilled layout. It lives inside an 8ft by 6ft shed...

Welcome to Barnabas Junction. Here we have a visiting loco during a running session, Class 37418 "An Comunn Gaidhealach" after its recent visit to Va...

Hello I’m Thomas Gale I’m the owner of St Peter’s Layout. The layout is 9x4 and it’s DCC the Layout Era varies between steam and modern image. I’m...

My latest 4 projects of the production line, ready for use on Heapton Colliery line.

Platform view.

So pretty, just such a pain to run.

My best runner

6349 now finished, plates attached and weathering completed. Just needs a wheel clean and she'll be good to go..

Some ivy growth on the South end of Whitebrook station building, and some more of the detail visible in the stonework and awning.

Whitebrook Signal Box. A slightly adjusted LCut-Creative laser cut wood kit, finished with nameplate and ashlar/ weathered t...

The start of a "cut and shut" modification to a Ratio 'Castle Cary' station kit, hopefully to turn out something more "Tintern-esque" for a Wye Valley...

Repainted and weathered Mainline ex-GW 43XX Mogul, waiting for the paint to dry before etched plates are added. This one will become yet another Glouc...

This is the engine yard and isn't yet complete.

Regional Railways class 37 (37 414) dominates the countryside scene as she departs the future fiddle yard and approaches Salford York Street station.

Hornby class 0F 56011 sits in the DC loop goods yard whilst yard shunter, D2294, waits in the second siding, awaiting her next duties.

HST set 253 028 sits in platform 4 as a weathered class 128 DPU pulls into the stabling siding.

A nice warm and sunny day calls for some homemade tarpaulins for some 5 plank wagons. Cling film the wagon, then coat with 3 or 4 layers of tissue pap...

It's a canal scene with a loading dock

Been building a resin LBSCR J class kit. At this point I have the chassis 75% done, the body filled 50%, all the holes drilled, and finished the basic...

The unfinished end! I shall be continuing the climb towards Bilson Junction and Cinderford once the far side of the crossing is done, and that baseboa...

The halt and loading dock, on what was originally part of the old ironworks sidings/incline. The decaying remains of the winding house and associated...

8731 and 8717, 85B (Gloucester Horton Road) stalwarts, doublehead a loaded train of bitumen tanks towards the Berry Wiggins terminal at Whimsey Sidin...

Looking Eastwards from the crossing, 5417 climbs out of the tunnel with a Cinderford-bound auto service from Newnham-on-Severn...

Ayleford Foundry Crossing viewed from the lane....

Heapton Colliery's Plymouth shunter in a its later life; still in a previous owners livery. Wearing small NCB logo on her fuel tank and a red bonnet d...

009 model of a Naysmth Wilson 2-6-0 mogul locomotive named John Christie that works on the Brecon and Ystalyfera Railway

Overall view of the station. The station building is based on an old Superquick station I picked up from my local model shop for a quid, however it wa...

Railfreight 37 on a tanker train passed Boddington Lane mainline with Regional Railways Class 150 awaiting departure on platform 1.

A disused yard area that has been mainly taken back by nature at this point at the junction for the mainline and heritage line. Hanging basket liner w...

GWR 8715 passes the Post Office crossing with a steam enthusiasts charter.

Class 105 stabled in the Ashington station whilst Class 37 sits in the parcels bay just out of focus. This was probably my favourite layout to build,...

56 and 47 awaiting to Depart Caxtom

47s awaiting to depart Caxton

How the harbourside currently looks. Quite happy with how it is starting to look the celotex raised area will be replaced by foamboard on formers to k...

This is the view of what will eventually become the mainline station. The 2 tracks on the far edge of the board will be hidden beneath a retaining wal...

The current view from the non scenic bridge just above where the station platform will sit once I get round to cutting it. The area at the back of the...

I’m in the process of designing and building a TMD layout with will have 43’s, GWR units and locos in for servicing.

The station!

A bit of village life

The market

Great Heck Colliery

Most of the layout

A different view of the goods yard.

A view up the hill.

No where near as good as the other layouts on this website, but this is mine. Great Heck set somewhere in Yorkshire.

Forde Road TRSMD - my 5x2ft modern image depot layout based somewhere in the west country acting as a general maintenance depot for GWR

Caxton - A Welsh 6ft x 1ft Stabling Sidings and Single Platform Branch line Station using Code 75 Bull Head Track. Set in the EWS Period!

The small resident diesel loco heads a small p way train out of one of the magazines.

Foxton South Station at night

Foxton South Station

Foxton, Somershire

Photograph (c) NevardMedia

Photograph (c) NevardMedia

Photograph (c) NevardMedia

My home layout

Wisteria Collop is a simple roundy-roundy 009 layout which includes a station, small goods yard and a few cottages. Its ‘the bit behind the bookcase’...

Ex GWR loco 2213 passes a young enthusiast

Heapton Colliery’s Number 20 was caught by this photographer as it bumbles across one of the junctions on the Heapton Colliery system. The photographe...

A lazy Sunday afternoon running session. 4mt 80032 heads down the branch after dropping off its wagons at the distillery thanks the the help of the ne...

Double steam day on distillery yard. The peckett awaits a good weathering.

PRIVATE PROPERTY! Trespassing won’t be tolerated on my micro, Distillery Yard.

One of my favourite pictures of this layout so far, 20141 shuttles the railway directors up and down the line in their private saloon coach.

An unusual and un-prototypical scene at the distillery as a Crosley and Evans 4WD sentinel arrives.

4mt standard tank ,80032, arrives with a managers saloon on inspection dutties.

D5269 with a diesel brake tender rounds round its train in a shunt manoeuvre.

20141 awaits its crew prior to its departure to the colliery yard to collect a fully loaded coal train bound for Manchester or maybe Liverpool.

An item of railway rarity, the rail mounted Land Rover, a fantastic bit of kit from Oxford diecast, could do with motorising though.

Nostalgic shot of the colliery J94 as the pug lurks in the background. The figure in the foreground is actually a 3D print of myself!

Diesel double trouble. Class 20 and 25 both idle in the yard whilst their trains are shunted together.

The colliery pug waits to be coaled inbetween dutties. Bet the crew have bunked of for a cuppa!

The colliery J94, 68068, takes a break from shunting dutties on Cronton Colliery Sheds.

Started work on laying the track. Simple cork base.

Wiring has started! Keeping me busy this Christmas!

Baseboard woodwork finished! Next up, doing the wiring ?

Fixed the top board, which will display the layout name. Started painting the wood too.

Baseboard construction underway! I opted for a nice, high curved backboard.