Knight Valley Operational Model Railway Layout


Layout Information

Outline: British
Scale: OO Gauge
Era: Mixed, Pre-grouping
Region: North Yorkshire

The Modeller

The Knight Valley Operational Railway lives inside an 8ft by 6ft shed running around the walls and a comfy chair in the middle where I can sit with a cold beverage. The beautiful thing about an operational layout is you can run what you want with anything you want, one day you could be on a lonely branch line moving small goods and passengers and a high speed line the next day. One of my favourite parts of the railway is the frog pond junction named after the pond filled with frogs on the other side of the wall. This junction is the only one with a physical signal box and boasts two sidings. One siding ending with a unique iron mink buffer stop and the other stores the MOD train.

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Oxford Rail N7 with a 30ft pipe wagon and the Bachmann Class 57 pass each other on the door bridge. A great example of why I prefer an operational rai...

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The Iron Mink Buffer stop near frog pond junction.

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Frog pond junction with the MOD siding on the left and the Iron Mink buffer stop siding on the right

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The Cauldron wagon at frog pond junction on the Knight Valley Operational Railway

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Hello and welcome to the Knight Valley Operational Railway. As you can see this is a simple and overfilled layout. It lives inside an 8ft by 6ft shed...