Ayleford Foundry Crossing Model Railway Layout


Layout Information

Outline: British
Scale: OO Gauge
Era: 1950s
Region: Western

The Modeller

Andy Frusher

Currently only on two 4'x2' boards, as my bedsit isn't big enough to put any more together at a time, it will extend onto a third curved board into another tunnel "scenic break" when I've completed these two. Ayleford Foundry Crossing is based on, or rather inspired by, Soudley No.1 Crossing on the Cinderford Branch in the Forest of Dean. Set in the mid to late 1950s, it is a home for predominantly ex-GW Pannier Tanks, but with a few non-prototypical guests when the mood takes me....

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6349 now finished, plates attached and weathering completed. Just needs a wheel clean and she'll be good to go..

2  1

The unfinished end! I shall be continuing the climb towards Bilson Junction and Cinderford once the far side of the crossing is done, and that baseboa...

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The halt and loading dock, on what was originally part of the old ironworks sidings/incline. The decaying remains of the winding house and associated...

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8731 and 8717, 85B (Gloucester Horton Road) stalwarts, doublehead a loaded train of bitumen tanks towards the Berry Wiggins terminal at Whimsey Sidin...

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Looking Eastwards from the crossing, 5417 climbs out of the tunnel with a Cinderford-bound auto service from Newnham-on-Severn...

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Ayleford Foundry Crossing viewed from the lane....